2018 website theme/template TESTS

In the descriptions of the website theme tests in the grid below, we are documenting with screen shots (and sometimes with video) a specific WordPress site theme/template.

Latest additions: (25th February 2018) – use the grid below to select the documentation.
1. OVATION as the theme being customised right now.
2. Joomla screen shots of the existing website – to show the extent of information we must consider for migration.

CSS scripting:
Some minimal scripting could be necessary, WordPress offers a safe environment for changing script within the style sheets through the “cascading style sheet” (CSS).
However, with page-builder 3rd party plug-ins (see below) most needs can be met without scripting.

MOST RECENT ADVANCES in this TEST:  Page – builder plug-ins.
Since Saturday 24th February, I am  using third party plug-ins which allow building fully customized pages and which also provide a library of additional widgets.

We till need a theme/template for the basic layout, but we are no longer overly restricted by it. Our current versions of plug-ins are free, but we might need the pro version of “Elementor” if our requirements demand more sophistication.


Lodestar(2) is the Lodestar template moved to the paid business site. (It was first tested on the genevalutheran4.wordpress.com free site linked to marcomathieumedia.com) Here are particularly attempts to satisfy our needs and choices around the logo, front page and “I’m New”access. Notice also the smartphone implementation.

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ESC website 2018 – Ovation

ESC is developing a new website as part of its overall communications revival. So far this theme (Ovation, test 6) and Lodestar (test  2) fit best our requirements.

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ESC website 2018 – Several others

ESC is developing a new website as part of its overall communications revival. This page documents briefly some themes which have been tested but which showed quickly that they would not likely be customisable to our needs.

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