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On the 9th of February 1766, 250 years ago, the first worship service was celebrated in the then new home of the Lutheran Church of Geneva at Place du Bourg-de-Four.

By 1762, the congregation (founded in 1707) had grown significantly and needed a permanent home. So they purchased a former château at the southern end of the old town and, with financial aid by German dukes, and four years of demolition and reconstruction, (except for the roman basement which was retained), the building was ready for use.

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Geneva

250 years – a long time, and a jubilee to be celebrated.
We want to give thanks for our building, which has served the Lutheran Church of Geneva so well throughout the centuries. We place it in the midst of our attention during the whole year 2016, celebration which has begun with a joint worship service of the church’s congregations on February 7th – 250 years, almost exactly, to the day of its inauguration. We want to remember and honour those who worshipped in this building, those who went before us, those whose dedication since 1766 allows us to continue to worship here until today, in our own home.
A church is never made only of walls and bricks – it is a house of living stones (1 Peter 2:5), coming together to honor the God of life and freedom.

On this web site, you’ll find photographs and video images of our church; both stones and living stones.
You will find information about the church history, and updates on the jubilee festivities as they take place.
If you want to know more about the congregations and activities that make up the Lutheran Church of Geneva, please go to www.genevalutheran.church [contact] and to www.luther-genf.ch [kontakt]


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