25 years Sunday 2014

On Sunday 29th June 2014 the English-speaking congregation held a festive worship with lots of singing, including a new anthem written for the occasion by Andrew Donaldson, and composition by Terry MacArthur.

Then we launched “Singing for Margaret”, the CD, which the choir recorded in 2002, 2003, of global favorites of the congregation in memory of Margaret Jensen. The first disc was auctioned and autographed, and we followed with more anthems and singing. (Video of the auction here)

Sunday Music&Choir 1&2 Intro/prelude/Rejoice

Sunday Music&Choir 3 Paiao, Malagasy Choir

Sunday Music&Choir 4 Wemust sing you,OGod (SingYou25)

Sunday Music&Choir 5&6 Two songs during Eucharist (Euch25)

Sunday Music&Choir 7 May God be gracious to us

Sunday Music&Choir 8 Anthem Malagasy Choir

Sunday Music&Choir 9 My house shall be a house of prayer

Sunday Music&Choir 10 Reformation Day