EDSC website 2018 – Ladder

Ladder is test number 5 – some good features, but overall does not give us what we need.
Here is a brief resumé:

– Front page has a large slider which shows featured images – or can be replaced by a video. The video is dimmed.
– The entry page is a full page (square)
– The top logo and menu gives a quite small logo
– All pages can have a photo background (full page in a white border) – the images are dimmed.
– Pages can have items / text / etc floating and scrolling over the dimmed photo – quite nice.
– Each page title has an orange arrow head before it (I imagine that could be removed by CSS script)

– slideshow is ok but standard (small)
– Portfiolios display on a very smart image grid (and especially so as there can be a dimmed image below them).

– WIDGET-ONLY “FRONT PAGE” – interesting concept, not seen son far elsewhere.
(Full page, square with white border)

This “static” font page design can be used for any page.

Display of videos on most pages is “weird” – it gives a big square within which the 16×9 video is placed leaving a wide margin top and bottom used for the usually in-frame data and controls from YouTube. It looks terrible!