ESC website 2018 – Lodestar

ESC is developing a new website as part of its overall communications revival.  (This is test number 2).

On this page are screen-shots of the “Lodestar” theme/template from WordPress.
The screen-shots can be viewed from the gallery in the side-bar which will convert to a manual carousel when any image is clicked on.

It is good to let everyone know that the WordPress themes are customizable for background colors or a background image, or both – we can play around with pastel shades or dark shades.

In the slides here, a dark background is used – the last few slides have a light background.  The on-line site is now light if you wish to take another quick look.

The front page is also now totally configured with bright images and four moving welcome sections. Here is a video which shows and explains a bit the two most dynamic parts – a) the front page mechanics and b) user control over the grid page.


– 2018 website tests – #1 WordPress “Wanderer” theme