ESC website 2018 – Venture

ESC is developing a new website as part of its overall communications revival. (This is test number 3)


On this page, we show screenshots of the “Venture” theme/template from WordPress which we have customized to bring together features of what we would like to have for the genevalutheran church here.
The screenshots can be viewed in this slide-show, or from the gallery in the side-bar which will convert to a manual carousel when any image is clicked on.

The first 5 slides show the front page 5 values slides, each with hot link to an explanatory page. These first 5 images are in a “featured” selectable slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What is good?
1. Side bar can be left or right or turned OFF for pages not requiring it.
2. Three menus are allowed: top, social, and footer.
3. Page formats are REALLY flexible: – default with sidebar or not,  front page special, full width grid, full width page, and grid with sidebar.
4. We do have exactly the first page photos with text overlays which are all clickable to the values.


What is not so good:
5. All top large images are dimmed (so as to show clearly the text) – just like on the site. (Why does the site have the “WOW” factor when it also has dim pictures? – I think it is the choice of image; we should have “background images where the expectation is NOT that it be bright and up-front).
6. The footer is not easily customisable as the columns are fixed and the text size much too large.
7. No “WOW” front page because of the dimmed photos (?) – otherwise they do fit our primary need – different photos for each “value” and each is clickable.
8. No specific video attention (no video archive page nor screen selection, etc)
However the video capability is ok – adequate.
9. The featured home page of big photos/text is limited to FIVE – so our SIX values don’t fit – but this is a common limit so we can reduce our “six” to “five” which I have done on the test site.
10. It is not possible to remove the author/date from the blog posts which can be disturbing – however we can remove all of that from portfolio displays.
11. VERY disturbing is the size of pictures on the media carousel – they should (MUST) be larger (check it out on this site for example) as in MOST other templates – I didn’t even think this was a function of the template, but of the site.