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Forum on Children’s Ministry After Worship

The number of children in our congregation has been growing in recent years, and on any given Sunday, we now have up to 30 kids in worship and Sunday school under the age of 13. First of all, the presence of so many children is a wonderful gift to celebrate! It’s also an opportunity to ask some questions about how we embrace ministry with children as a whole congregation.

This forum was to think through some of these questions together – led by Andy Willis and supported by teachers and parents and also other members.

How can we make worship more welcoming to young children and families?
Are we organizing church school in the best way for such a large group?
How are we as a whole congregation valuing and nurturing the children in our community?


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Part 1: Introduction Part2: Focus&GoalsPart3: Supporting familiesPart4: Scenario1Part5: Scenario2Par6: Scenario3Part7: Scenario4Part8: Worship SpacePart9: Wrap-up

During part 8 we were reminded that in Advent 2010 we laid train tracks around the altar and children were invite to play there during the sermons and the worship in general. Here is a video of that experience: