Welcome to our Church and to our Sanctuary

color graphics designed by Filipa de Chassey, aerial footage by depuis-le-ciel.com, video capture and post-production by marcomathieumedia, content direction by the pastor: Rev. Andy Willis, vocals: choir of the church, trombone: Philip Ilten, organ: Regine Kummer, drums: Andrew Donaldson, euphonium: Koko Taylor, percussion: Allison Evans, Wendy Donaldson and Colette Bouka-Coula, piano and musical direction: Terry MacArthur. Music to the psalm ‘The Lord is my shepherd’ by Heinz Werner Zimmermann; used with permission from Augsberg Fortress. ‘When we lift our pack and go: words by Shirley Erena Murray, music by Ian Render. ‘Wade in the water’ and ‘Soon and very soon’ African-American spirituals.