Our Church Building (Forum 11)

December 2017 Assembly of the ESC , Friedrich Lohmann presented a short overview of potential building renovations. February 2018, ESC ran a Forum dedicated to the project – Dave Lyon, Pia Hannewald, Tom Taylor, Friedrich Lohmann.

December 2017 presentation (Friedrich):

Forum: Introduction by FriedrichForum: Introduction by DaveForum: The 3 scenarios overviewForum: Scenario 1 (Tom)Forum: Scenario 2 (Pia)Forum: Scenario 3 (Dave)

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Presentation as PDF Prasentation RFG Renovierung Kircheng ebäude 17.9.2017 English version
English version by Andrea Leser and Martin Magold — original German versions here:
Winners of the children’s painting competition during the 250 year celebrations, 2016.